Actor Headshots: Easy Tip To Look Like A Star On the Day of Your Shoot

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before: “Just because everyone else is doing it, is no good reason for you to do it. Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did it?”

Obviously, teeth whitening isn’t as serious a decision as to jump from a bridge. However, there may be some health concerns for teeth whitening that you and other actors should at least consider. Just because it seems like the thing to do is no reason to make a rash decision. It’s quite likely that you may just decide it’s the thing for you to do. But first, think about your reasons for doing it; get all the relevant information; and make an educated decision!

Trust me, everyone isn’t doing it, but if you decide to do it, you’ll definitely be joining the ranks of many actors who have whitened their teeth. In general, white teeth are considered a sign of health and success in the United States. In particular, the Hollywood Industry considers white teeth a sign of marketability and professionalism.

As a professional actor, you know that your “look” is very important. It definitely helps to have that “Hollywood look” seen on acting headshots.  That means you’re fit, attractive, stylish and healthy. One way to get a Hollywood look is by having white teeth, which helps with an attractive smile.

“Everything in moderation.” Some cases of teeth whitening are frightening because the teeth do not look real – they’re too white. So, if you do it, don’t over do it. The goal is to look healthy and attractive. Too white teeth will end up working against you versus working in your favor. If the teeth whitening process is done correctly you can get really good results.

Teeth whitening isn’t “the end-all-to-be-all.”  It’s possible to achieve similar results without whitening your teeth. Instead of whitening your teeth, you could simply have your promotional photos (acting headshots)  edited, so that your teeth appear whiter.

If your photos show your teeth a bit dull-looking or discolored, then simply have a photo lab (like Reproductions, Ray’s Photo lab, etc.) whiten them, and you’ll be amazed! Of course, you can save some money by doing it yourself or asking a friend with photo editing software (and the skills to do it).

The goal of the game in Hollywood is to get into the room. Your headshot is usually the first thing a casting director will see of you. So, you may want to focus on what gets you into the room – your acting headshot. And once you’re in the room, I highly doubt that anyone will be judging you on your teeth. If by some slim chance your teeth are an issue then you can address that when it happens. Without question, the process for whitening your teeth on photos is much less expensive and definitely safer than getting it done to your actual teeth.

And like getting your actual teeth whitened too much, the same is possible for whitening teeth in an acting headshot. Do not get carried away with over whitening your teeth in photos. You will look strange. Again, the goal is to make you look attractive and marketable. Overly white teeth in acting headshots will work against you and you don’t want that.

There are several good reasons both pro and con for teeth whitening. So, again, make an educated decision and do what makes you feel comfortable.

For more tips like these, check out “Hollywood Headshot Handbook” – it could help you avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on headshots that are not quite right … or even worse … downright unusable.