Differences of the Casting Director Postcard Service and the Total Care Package


One of the key services Smart Girls offers for helping actors promote their acting careers is Casting Director Postcard mailings. We offer two aspects of the service which is sometimes confusing, so here’s a description of the two and the differences.

Casting Director Postcard Service

The main service we offer is the Casting Director Postcard Mailing Service.

1. This service includes us helping create a message for you to put on the back of your postcard. The message will come from whatever you have to promote. Or if you don’t have anything current, we can help identify what would be the best things from your past activities to promote.Composing that message is one aspect of this service.

2. Once it is composed, we print on 3″ x 4″  Message Stickers to put on the back of your postcard. If you like, we can also make the message address the individual casting director’s name within the message. Then we give you the Message Stickers to put on your postcards that have your Actor Headshot on them.

3. The third part of the Main Service is that we select 100 (or more) of the casting directors for you to target based on what types of projects you want to market yourself for working on. This could be television dramas, television sitcoms, commercials, feature films, and so forth.

4. Once we select this list for you, then we print the address labels for you to put on the back of your postcard. All casting director addresses are updated according to those provided by the Breakdowns which are the most current available.

These four elements (composing the Message, printing the Message Stickers, creating the targeted casting director list, and printing the address labels) are the four elements which compose the Main  Casting Director Postcard Mailing Service. The fees for this service are listed on the page link here, and they vary from less than $150 for 1 month to 100 casting directors and on up on a sliding scale, according to how many months you want to mail out and how many casting directors you want to target. You can send out as many as 9 times (covering a year) to over 300 casting directors  if you want to cover your bases.

Those four steps explain what we do for the Casting Director Postcard Mailing as part of the main service. Then there are four things you have to do on your own (unless you use our Total Care Add-On):

1. You will need to create your headshot postcard layout and get them printed. Then you will need to go pick them up.

2. You have to go to the Post Office and buy the postcard stamps.

3. You have to prepare the postcards by putting on the Message Sticker, the Address Label, and the stamp.

4. You have to take them to the Post Office and drop them off.

That is the complete picture on the Main Service — four marketing research things we do and four admin types things you do.

However, we’ve found that some actors do not want to bother with the tedious and time-consuming four things they have to do, so we created a service to do that for you, too. And that brings us to the  “Total Care” Postcard Printing & Prep Option.

“Total Care” Postcard Printing & Prep Option

For only under $100 additional (per 100 postcards), we can also do the additional four steps that you would otherwise have to do.

  • We will design your postcard with your headshot(s) and name on the front. We will order them and pick them up for you.
  • We will get the stamps for you.
  • We will prepare the postcards with both of the stickers and the stamps.
  • We will drop them off at the Post Office to mail them.

You get to approve every step along the way in both services.


When we do the Total Care for you, we will also email you “Photo Proofs” of the completed work, so you know exactly what the finished product looks like when we mailed it. We do this so that you can rest assured that your service was delivered in a timely manner with excellence. And that makes us happy knowing that you feel good about it.


To get started, order your Casting Director Mailing Service. You can then let us know by email or phone if you would like to add on the Total Care so that we handle everything for you.


We look forward to helping you get your face out there!