Actor Headshots Make-Over: 7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Headshot without Re-Shooting

1As an actor, you know your Headshots are your number one calling card for developing your film and TV resume. It is so important that throughout your career, you will probably be in search of the perfect headshot about 75% of the time.

To start with, be sure to work with one of the best professional headshot photographers you can afford and you won’t have to worry about a Headshot Make-Over. However, let’s say that for whatever reason, you don’t want to do a whole new shoot, or you’re saving your money to work with a top headshot photographer like Bradford Rogne.

You might want to do something to freshen up your current photos instead. To help you with that, this article gives you 7 ways to improve your acting headshots without re-shooting.

If you seriously consider these actor headshot make-overs, this article could save you several hundred dollars and the frustration of having to getting new photos… yet again.

If you are not great at photo editing, then you will need to get a photo lab like Isgo Lepegian to edit it, but it is still far less expensive than a total reshoot.

Here are 7 ways to freshen up your photos:

1. Change the color of the background.

It’s amazing what a difference it can make if you change the color of the background to a neutral color. It helps keep the focus more on your face.

2. Change your shirt color to a more complementary color to your skin.

If you are wearing as shirt that is too textured, too patterned, too bright, or too dark, the lab can pretty easily change the color of it by editing with something like Photoshop.

3. Soften the lines in your face and the fly-aways.

Too many times, I see actor headshots that have flyaways, frizzies, or a tuft of hair in a distracting place. Those can be Photoshop-ed out in a few seconds.

4. If you only had one outfit, take one of the photos and change the color of the shirt.

This one uses the point of #2 above in a different way. Let’s say that you only did shots in one outfit and you want to have a second photo that looks different. Pick two photos that look somewhat different and have the lab change the shirt color.

5. Filter the photo with a slight tint to get ride of too much red color in your face.

Too many times, I’ve seen the lighting be just a bit off – another reason to work with a professional headshot photographer. If the lighting is not great, it may show too much redness in your skin which is not appealing.

You can easily have this fixed by having the lab change the over all tint of the photo or even do some spot corrections.

6. Whiten your teeth.

This is a no-brainer one. As a professional actor, you know that your “look” is important. You need to have a Hollywood look. One way to get it is to have white teeth. Of course, you can use teeth whitener to actually get them for real. But if your photos show your teeth a bit dull-looking or discolored, then simply have the lab whiten them, and you’ll be amazed!

7. If the background is too busy, completely erase it and make it one solid neutral color.

I hate to say it, but some otherwise really good headshot photographers get so focused on the artsi-ness of their photos, they forget that YOU are the subject they are selling, not their headshot skills.

Because they do that, sometimes the photographers do funky things with the background, such as making it blurred, and it is more distracting than helpful. While they may argue that it puts the attention on you by blurring the background or making it super busy, I think not.

If you have a photo like that, you could change it to a neutral background color, and I can almost guarantee that if your face already looked good in it, you will be blown away by fixing the busy background.

Okay there you go!

Feel free to post a link to your online photos if you want feedback from me or others.

To get more tips like these on actor headshots, check out my Hollywood Headshot Handbook: An Actor’s Guide To Getting The Best Headshots of Your Life.