How To Stay Optimistic About Your Acting Career in the Face of Rejection

Hollywood has much to offer. Depending on your perspective, you may see most of it as good or bad.

Either way, we know that Hollywood can offer up many obstacles and a heavy dose of rejection. Those obstacles and rejection make you truly value your success when you succeed, but at the time, they may seem incredibly challenging.

Optimism is one of the least understood qualities for successful Hollywood actors. You need to be authentically optimistic about getting representation, auditioning, marketing, and studying. You must be optimistic about pursuing what gives you fulfillment.

As long as you keep that in mind and enjoy the journey, you’ll never look back with regret. You may occassionally wonder if you’re supposed to pursue an acting career at all. You may question if you’re good enough.  Or even whether you deserve to be super-successful.

Having doubts creep up is natural from time to time, but the key is not to indulge them and dwell upon them.

To have your best shot at success with agents, managers, and anyone else in Hollywood, you have to find a place deep within yourself that can accept that you have the ability to be great and that it’s your birthright.

Nurture and develop your talent by taking classes. Consider the value of any criticism you get.  See if you agree with it and if it makes sense. If you do, then do something about it.  If you don’t, then consider why they might have said what they said, and then decide what you might do differently next time.

Most importantly, do not allow your self-confidence to diminish when you get negative feedback. Believe in yourself fully and don’t fall apart after the slightest sense that a casting director judges you too harshly.

It is your birthright to be successful. 

And not just yours – all human beings are meant to be successful. Much of the success you have comes from the belief that you are on the right track and taking action for your career in the face of that. Get to know the workings of your mind deeply.

Identify your habitual negative patterns and start to interrupt them.

Don’t allow yourself to feel badly for three days over what someone says – get to the source of it, get it complete, make a choice to move on from it, and feel good about who you are. Do whatever it takes to be able to authentically believe in yourself and to know in your guts that success is your birthright.

Don’t let anything STAY in the way of that. If you have trouble believing in yourself and your right to success, then do meditation, get coaching, do visualization or whatever it takes to get to that point. You must do this to be successful, and it cannot happen any other way.

Success is your birthright. 

Claim it.