Hollywood Networking Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

1I’ve seen actors cringe after I suggested they do more schmoozing and networking to succeed in Hollywood. And I’m aware that schmoozing brings up many negative perceptions like fakeness, desperation, inauthenticity, and flakiness. Obviously, you don’t want to be associated with any of that. However, schmoozing has been given a bad rap!

The fact is that schmoozing can be thought of as simply being very friendly and talkative.  Just as anywhere in life, others tend to like friendly people who smile, so it is in Hollywood with talent agents, personal managers, producers, directors, and everyone else.

When you schmooze, it doesn’t have to be fake, it’s about engaging in a friendly conversation with people.

Imagine if you are a sports fan and you’re shooting the breeze with someone about the Monday night game or some recent player trade.  It’s a way to connect with that other person and build rapport.

Whatever topic you schmooze about, you should be positive and give people credit.

You might keep up-to-date on what movies did at the box office that weekend, and then say something positive about it.  Never say anything negative when you’re schmoozing because the person you’re speaking with may have a connection to the thing you’re talking about.

Learn to be conversational in general.  Practice engaging in small talk.  It doesn’t have to be about some major, significant topic.

Don’t come right out and ask them to put you in their movie, but somewhere along the line, mention something that reveals you’re an actor.

You might share something about, “I was working on this little independent film last week, and my character – blah, blah, blah.”  Somehow work it in, but make it natural.

If you can bring your sense of humor to it, that’s even better.  Many actors are too serious and get too attached to what the person they are talking to might say.

Let that go,  Be your charming, friendly, and positive self.

If it’s not your natural way all the time, then just think of when you have been that way, and be like that.

Then “turn it on” in a way that is natural for you when the opportunity arises.  You never know what kind of relationship might get started as a result.

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