Every Actor Should Be Doing This… Are You?

It’s no shock to hear someone say there are thousands or tens of thousands of actors in Hollywood.

However, no matter how many actors there are now or ever… there’s only one of you.

If you want to give yourself a true chance to do well, you  have a responsibility to yourself to know what unique combo of qualities you have to offer.  Once you’ve determined those qualities, it’s also up to you to let them be known — in a variety of ways — to your talent agent and the casting community.

To get the attention of agents, managers, casting directors, and producers, you have to identify that something that’s a little bit different (and desirable) for them to notice and want to cast you.

Actors often think that their task of setting themselves apart is uniquely challenging, but this is a myth. There’s nothing unique about that challenge.  Every business deals with the challenge of setting itself apart from its competitors. Even if they innovate in the beginning, pretty soon they are followed by copycats.

Look at anything from computers to chiropractors to herbal supplements of fast food joints. Most of the differences you perceive are not significant.  Their real difference lies in the marketing and branding they’ve done to make you think a particular way about them. It’s called “positioning.”

As an actor, you must “position” yourself for agents to take you on and for casting directors to cast you. This means everything from what roles you play to any unique quality or quirk you bring to the table.

To understand this, look at current stars and their slight differences. Think of George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Both are handsome, likeable good guys, but they are also different from each other.  What’s the difference between these two A-list leading men who are about the same age and star status?

Clooney is more sophisticated, upscale, charming, and manly. Brad is more earthy, raw, sexy, and boyish.

Although you might distinguish the difference between the two a little bit differently, you wouldn’t say the exact opposite – meaning that George is more earthy and boyish and that Brad is more sophisticated. There’s a definite difference between the vibes of these two men, who also happen to be charming, goodlooking, leading actors who are white men around the age of 50. So as much as they are similar, there is still a difference.

You can do the same kind of comparison with Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts or Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer. Similar – but different.

Coming back to you… where do you fit?

How will you brand yourself as an actor? How can you express your brand everywhere, from your clothing, to photos, to personality or hobbies? What will you do now to clarify your brand?

Every actor should do this…. but many do not do it or don’t do it as well as they could. If you want to up your game, you need to establish and develop your brand as an actor.

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