How To Make Your Acting Credits Sound Great!

Whenever you think you might be in a situation to pitch yourself as an actor, always refresh your memory of your credits on your resume AND come up with a fun, little story about each and every one of them

It may sound kind of odd if you are just getting going with your acting career, but if you’ve been around for a few years, you know that at some point, you have done so many projects that you hardly remember what some of them were or what happened with them.

Whatever your credits are, first make sure you review what you did on each and every one and be able to explain it very simply. Many, many, many times, I have asked an actor about a credit and they had trouble remembering exactly what it was, or it was difficult explaining this. And by the way, these were not made up ones, they had really done them, but it was hard to explain the project.

So there are three things to do to be prepared to discuss your resume.

1. Review each credit, and really every class and special skill, too, and answer the question, “Tell me about this one,” for each of them.

Come up with a short sweet answer explaining the project and your role in it. If it really is complicated, some how modify your pitch of it enough to make it simple anyway.

2. For every credit, come up with an interesting little anecdote (story) about it.

This is an opportunity to drop the names of any famous or established people on it. (I encourage you to drop names as often as possible without making it obvious that you are purposely doing it, but people in this town associate you with success when you do it!).

3.  As you tell your story, put yourself in the present time of when it happened to be more animated.  Use present tense verbs, such as, “Then I walk over to the guy and I say….”

When you tell your story about the credit, it is also an opportunity for you to show your great and wonderful personality, so make the most of it.

Do these three things and you’ll be much more interesting to the talent agent who is thinking of taking you on.  You’ll also be miles ahead of many other actors by your interview skills, which also makes you more charismatic!

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Good luck!