Coaching For Excellence Session For Screenwriters

If you feel a bit stuck in working through a problem on your screenplay or on what to do to market it, or if you would like to give your screenwriting a shot of adrenalin, then a Coaching For Excellence session can help you get moving again.

It’s inevitable that when you are trying to write a good solid screenplay and market it that you will come up against a wall from time to time.  At that point, coaching can help you quick move past that wall that seems insurmountable on your own.

ClimbI’ve seen it happen many times… a screenwriter gets close to finishing their script, they’re almost ready to take action — whether it’s to get a script analysis to see how they’re doing or they’re ready to market their script — they get close… and then it drags out for a long time.  They get stuck.

On one hand they feel excited about taking the next step on their screenplay, but they hit a wall.  

Then they lose months sometimes… even years.  And of course, this is true not just for screenwriters, but it’s human nature. In fact, I’ve experienced it myself and lost years toward a goal.

Knowing that this is so common — and having worked through it myself — that’s why I created these power coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to be very affordable, quickie sessions to help you get moving again.

All you have to do is pick the topic of your choice and we can set it up. Decide if you want one, two, or three sessions and we’ll book you in and get you moving FAST.

Some of the topics you can choose from are…

  • Choosing which script or idea to work on next
  • Crafting a logline for your story
  • Practice your pitch to prepare for a meeting
  • Working through a specific plot point in your story
  • Creating a plan to follow up with execs you met at a pitchfest
  • How to follow up with execs you sent your script to but you haven’t heard back from
  • Determining which actions to take next to move your career forward
  • Deciding whether to get an agent or manager first or to target producers
  • Formatting and style issues
  • Understanding the business of Hollywood
  • Discussing how you might get your script to certain stars who could be right for a role
    … or anything else around the craft of screenwriting or the business of film, television, and screenwriting

Some of these topics will require more than one session to cover in depth. But for any of these, you can get re-motivated and leave with an actionable task from just one session!

All you have to do is to be WILLING to let go of a piece of what’s blocking you… and place your order.


Select Your Coaching - Consulting Package Save Money with More Time

30-Minute Session – $75  (Reg.$95)

Phone call only.

1-Hour Session – $145  (Reg.$175)

Phone call only.

2-Hour Session – $275  (Reg.$350)

One meeting on phone or in person.

4.5 Hours – $595

Two sessions of 2.25 hours or Three 90-Min Sessions

BONUS: Custom questionnaire sent in advance regarding your goals.

After You Order

Once you order through Paypal, they will process your order and let Smart Girls know your order has been placed.

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you an email with short questionnaire to prepare for your meeting and to schedule our coaching call.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us through the email and phone listed on our Contact Us page or at the email address in the footer on our website.

We look forward to getting you started!


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