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Out of the thousands of screenwriters I’ve talked with over the last 20 years, I would bet that at least 99% of them would much rather be writing their next script than marketing them. You too?

The marketing is probably not what you “signed up for,” right?  You probably dread the idea of working on your pitch.

You worry about who to send your query letter to? How to do it right? What to say?

And to top it off, you wonder whether you even have a realistic chance of ever selling it! Right?

All of that kind of negative (but natural) thinking can put a real damper on the dream of seeing your script on the big screen if you sit and think about it. And it’s understandable!

Marketing is a whole different ballgame from writing the script. And it might be not a game you really want to play!

For most writers, marketing is not fun. But yet, you know it has to be done. So you’re willing to do it.

Well, God bless ya.  Good for you. That right there — the willingness to deal with marketing your script properly — already sets you apart from at least 50% of the scripts that get sent to Hollywood.

And I appreciate your willingness to deal with marketing. And I want to ease your pain. I love marketing. Helping writers create great pitches, tracking who’s who and all of that.

That’s exactly why I created “Marketing Caffeine For Screenwriters.” I created it so I can give you articles on marketing your screenplay to Hollywood to make it easier for you.

In these articles, I try to “take the edge off of the marketing” by giving you a glimpse behind the curtain. I take away some of the mystery so you can learn what you need to do to market your script properly.

In these nutritious, snack-size highly-caffeinated articles, you will learn things like how to know your script is ready to to market and how to be confident you don’t blow it by sending out a half-baked script (like too many writers do)!

Other things you’ll learn by subscribing to “Marketing Caffeine” include:

  • What Is A “Hook” In A Screenplay?
  • How to Make the Most of a Pitchfest Event
  • Screenwriting Contests: 5 Ways to Use Them In Your Career
  • 3 Crazy Ways To Improve Your Script Dialogue
  • 7 Common Script Formatting Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Seeds For Screenwriter’s Success
  • What Every Screenwriter Should Know About Branding
  • Double Your Number Of Screenwriting Properties This Week

These articles contain easy-to-apply, actionable steps on how to improve your writing, your script marketing, and your pitching.

Find out what Literary Agencies and Producers look for in screenwriters and their scripts and how you can make sure you develop those qualities.

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“I met Melody 20 years ago and within a week I had interviews with agencies including William Morris (WME). She was instrumental in helping to acquire those interviews.  I went on to produce 20 feature films starring celebrity talent including Dennis Hopper, David Carradine, Robert Carradine, Michael Madsen, Kaley Cucco, Eric Roberts, C. Thomas Howell, Vinnie Jones, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jake Busey, Brian Austin Green, and  many others.” ~~ Patrick Durham,  IMDB Page