Why Should I Use the Smart Girls Query Letter Service For My Screenplay Instead of Doing It Myself?

Screenwriters often ask me what the advantage is for using our query letter service instead of doing it themselves since there is no guarantee you’ll sell your screenplay either way.

There are a number of reasons screenwriters use our Screenplay Query Letter Marketing Service, five of which are listed below. If you fit any of these categories, you could benefit from using our services:

1. You want expert help with a Query Letter for your Screenplay.

As a screenwriter, you may have a good idea of what a query letter should be like, but you may want input from someone with expertise in writing query letters. Every form of writing differs in how a story is told, so a query letter is very different from writing a screenplay.

2. You are busy and you would rather use the time you have to write the screenplay itself than work on the query letter and do all of the research.

Many of our clients are so busy with their jobs and family and basic responsibilities that they can barely find time to write their scripts, let alone write the query letter and do the research and other marketing. With their time being so precious, they hire Smart Girls to do the legwork for their Query Letter Mailings.

3. You are not sure who are the best potential producers to market your script to.

When it comes to finding the best prospects for marketing a screenplay, many things need to be considered. Who are the VIPs at that company? What kind of projects have they made in the past? What types of projects do they like? You could potentially do endless research on trying to find the exact perfect companies to market to. Most writers simply don’t have the time to become experts in this. By using Smart Girls, we do the research for you to give you a jump-start in your marketing.

4. You want someone to guide you through the process to help avoid faux pas that could ruin your chances with certain companies.

Hollywood can be very strange in some of their unspoken rules. Executives and their responses can also be very confusing or vague at times. If you misunderstand these things, you could waste a great deal of time thinking that something is happening with your script, only to find out that they didn’t mean at all what you thought they meant — that what they said is really a standard response they use to get you off their backs without making you mad.

5. You want to make the most of your efforts by having a Hollywood liaison to consult and guide you as you try to sell your script to Hollywood.

You can, of course, jump in and give it your best shot. But many writers would rather give it their best shot from the get-go and cut the time and cost of their learning curve.

These are just a few of the reasons screenwriters use Smart Girls Productions to help them market their screenplays. If you want help in trying to sell your screenplay, then a Query Letter Mailing is a great place to start.