What Makes Smart Girls Screenplay Services Better Than Others?

What makes your screenwriting service better than some of the other places you can post a pitch of your screenplay online or do an email blast for your screenplay?

There are a few things that we do differently than most other services — although the specifics will vary depending on which ones you compare our service to.

One of those things that makes our service different than most of the others that offer script marketing services is that we help write your email query letter or hard copy query letter.

After you order the service with Smart Girls, we send you a questionnaire. You complete that and return it to us, and from that, we write your email or query letter. Then you get to take a look and make any changes you want before we finish up.

By having both of us work on it, you get our expertise on the email query itself as well as on the Subject Line. Through this process we bring your passion for the story together with our marketing expertise to give you your best shot at getting interest in and selling your screenplay.

Most of the other script marketing services are very passive. You write your query letter yourself, and they do not engage with you, unless you fail to meet some basic requirement. So you’re pretty much on your own.

A second point that’s very important is you must have a great Subject Line. When you email market anything, a strong subject line over a weak one makes all the difference in the world. We help you create a strong Subject Line to pitch your script.

A third and final point is that your email about your script needs to blast out to the right targets or there’s no way you can be successful.

For many, many years, our team had tracked and categorized all the production companies, studios, literary agents and managers. We categorize them in a variety of different ways so we can find the best ones for you to target for your script.

Our email query list of producers is divided into Light Fare and Heavy Fare depending on the type of projects they do – so we’re not blasting companies who would be completely wrong for your project. We ongoingly sift through large numbers of emails and categorize them. By refining our list, the email blasts and query letters that get sent for you are going to hit the best targets for you.

Ultimately, your results also will depend on how commercial your project is. Some things are simply more marketable. Our job is to give your screenplay its best shot at success by hitting the right producer and literary agents and managers and making sure you have a strong, short email query letter with a great Subject Line.