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We have a whole slew of services for screenwriters from personalized query letter mailings to literary agents, managers, producers, and production companies to a variety of Script Anaysis services.

If you are ready to take action toward your screenwriting dreams, then you’ve come to the right place. We can work with you to make sure your script is professional-looking and really ready to go out, and then we can help you get it out to Hollywood with our specialized Query Letter Mailings, in which we will pick the absolute best producers and agents for you to mail to.

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Producer & Agent Query Letter Mailing System

To top Hollywood Producers and WGA Agents. Original, personalized, query letters are developed to pitch your screenplay in the most effective way possible. Then complete mailing kits are created for you to sign and send out.

Email Blasts To Producers, Literary Agents Or Literary Managers

Our second Brand New Offering is Query Letter Email Blasts to Individual execs for companies who do movies of a given genre. It’s so new, we don’t even have a web page up about it yet! But we are set up and ready to go!

To order this service, please call Melody at our office at (818) 907-6511.

Career Packages For Writers

Specialized solutions which offer discounts on packages of services ranging from extensive script development and marketing campaigns to 6-month and 1-year career solution packages.

Pitching Your Script

Would you be ready to pitch your script in about 10-minutes if someone asked you to? What if you happen to run into your “opportunity” at Starbucks while you were waiting in line — you know, the coincidence of a lifetime with a big-time producer standing behind you? Would you be ready to give it your best shot? You need to be ready to pitch your script at any time.

Script Analysis And Critique

Oral and Written. Valuable, inspirational, useful feedback on your screenplay.

Read a review of Melody Jackson’s work in “Analyzing the Analysts from Creative Screenwriting magazine.”

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We would love to stay connected with you and help you in getting your script ready and out to Hollywood or in finding you work as a Hollywood writer-for-hire!

Script Analysis / Script Coverage
Screenplay Analyses & Critiques (Written and Oral)

Email Query Letters
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Screenplay Query Letter Mailings

Pitching A Script
1-on-1 Coaching – for Pitching Your Screenplay
How to Pitch Your Screenplay Like A Pro (ebook)

Script Typing & Proofreading
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