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5 Tips To A Hot Demo Reel

Many actors tell me that they are worried that they don’t have a demo reel and they wonder whether they should go out and shoot some scenes to try to come up with one. The funny thing is that in the many years that I’ve had Smart Girls and working with thousands of actors, I can count…

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Hollywood’s Dirty Little Lie!

Many people think that a Hollywood acting career is made and lost by who you know. But that’s a myth. Think about how many people you know… kind of. You “know of” many people, famous people. You’ve probably even met a number of people who could help your career. And how much difference does it make if you know them? The most important thing is….

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5 Ways To Get An Agent

Most actors realize that getting an agent for acting is an essential factor to becoming a working actor. But how to land that agent is a different question all together. Sometimes at first, you might find that it is either much easier or much harder than you thought it would be to get an agent….Regardless, there will be times when you need to come up with some new ideas on how to get with a different talent agent….

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7 Tips to Greater Confidence on Auditions

When it comes to auditioning for a film or TV role, it is common for actors to have butterflies when the big day arrives. For many actors, auditioning is not the fun part, and they fail to do their best acting work because of a pure lack of confidence. To help you along in building

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5 Tips To Improve Your Audition Call-Back Rate

No actor can expect to book every audition they go on – it’s just not possible.  One of the key metrics that you should look at and keep track of, however, is your call-back rate.  If you are getting call-backs then presumably you are doing a good job or they wouldn’t be wasting their time. This

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