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Actor Headshots: How To Jazz Up Your Existing Photos

Does your acting headshot  have a red tint? Does your skin look redder in the headshot than it does in everyday life? If so, that’s not good and you should address the issue. Your headshot not only should look as clear and vibrant as you do in everyday life, but even better! You definitely have a

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Actor Headshots: Getting The Results You Expected

You know as an actor your headshot is your number one calling card for developing your film and TV career. That means you need the best headshot you can afford. Eventually, you find a photographer, make an appointment for a shooting date, and begin preparing to look your best (e.g., new wardrobe, new hairstyle, lose

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7 Tips For Dull Actor Resumes

Do the credits on your acting resume make you question whether you even have an acting career? Given the level of competition in show business, it’s vital to have your acting resume be as strong as it can be and to make the most of your credits. Your resume is basically is a brief statement

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Five Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Castable

Your look must be defined and polished in such a way that your casting is clear.   As a true actor dedicated to the craft, you may feel like it shouldn’t matter what your look is because you can play anything—you’re an actor.  This may be true for the stage to a certain degree, but when

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