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Do You Have a Hook In Your Screenplay Logline?

When you pitch your screenplay to a Hollywood executive, whether in a one-on-one pitch in person or in a query letter, your story needs to have a hook and it must come through in the pitch. While you may have heard the term, I’ve found that most writers don’t know really know what a hook is. 

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What Every Screenwriter Should Know About Branding

Thousands of screenplays and ideas get submitted to Hollywood every month so it becomes a big challenge to get your screenplay read and to have it seem different from so many others. Screenwriters often think their script is completely unique, but usually it’s not as different as you might think.

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The Screenwriter’s Best Resource For Authentic Creativity

The most effective, powerful, and interesting characters you can create for a screenplay are often based on real people. If you look back over your life, you will most certainly find some amazing people to model your characters after. You will also come up with some unforgettable, authentic and interesting scenes by pondering events from your past. To jog your memory and get the juices flowing, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with these five questions…

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Elements of Great Screenwriting

To be a real contender in Hollywood, you must study the craft of screenwriting so that your scripts are the best they can be when the opportunity arises to have a producer or agent to read them. To be successful and maintain that success as a screenwriter, there are many different elements of the craft of screenwriting that you must learn. Here are 5 of them as a sampling…

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The Truth About Networking

You’ve probably heard that you need to schmooze in Hollywood. Sometimes hearing this makes screenwriters shudder because they would rather be alone writing than be fake, manipulative, and a put-on when schmoozing. But this is the wrong understanding of schmoozing. The fact is that schmoozing can very simply be…

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The Business of Screenplay Marketing

Some of the persistent complaints I hear from screenwriters are that they don’t like to market their scripts, they don’t know what to do next, or they would rather just write and not have to market their work. The fact is that pretty much every artist and every business could say that they would rather do what they do rather than market and promote themselves. Even Wal-Mart execs would rather have customers just show up…

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