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The Seeds For Screenwriter’s Success

One of the challenges is that you will mostly get negative feedback when you have your script reviewed or even considered for production. And yes, you surely need to nurture and develop your abilities by studying the craft of screenwriting. When you get negative feedback…

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How To Build Equity As A Screenwriter

In Hollywood, as in a number of businesses, contact equity is critical. The more of the right people you know, the more valuable your Rolodex is, and the more opportunities and power you have to “cash in on” in the future. The best way to….

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Where Are You Going With Your Plot?

Every scene in your screenplay must be doing one or more of three things: revealing character, advancing the plot, or expanding the theme. All three together give direction to your story. The plot is a function of your central dramatic question: What is the single goal of your main character? The answer to that question will be determined by what obstacles he or she must overcome and how they need to transform to achieve their goal.

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And Your Point Is?

It surprises me to find that so many screenwriters don’t realize that they need to have a point to their story. By the time all is said and done, at the end of your 90-minute movie, there has to be something that you were getting at. It’s what’s known as the theme of your story. Even though many writers don’t realize…

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Planning for Success in Screenwriting: Actions (Part 2 of 2)

As I covered in Part 1 of Success in Screenwriting, there are two types of goals: 1.  Results Goals:  These are the final results you want to produce, such as getting screenwriting jobs and ultimately getting your script optioned or sold.  These results involve others making decisions. 2.  Key Indicators:  These are the actions you

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Do I Have To Live in Los Angeles to Sell a Screenplay?

This question seems to be a reoccurring question asked by many writers who are trying to sell a screenplay. The answer is simple; no you do not have to live in Los Angeles to be a screenwriter. There are many talented writers who have made it in this business without living in the L.A. area.

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