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Using Archetypes in Screenwriting

As a screenwriter you are tasked with the purpose of emotionally impacting your reader. Everything you write should be oriented around that. One of the most important ways you can get access to that is understanding  what an archetype is and how to incorporate them into your screenwriting. Here’s my first video on that, which

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3 Essentials For Your Logline

Being able to write a good logline is one of the essential skills a screenwriter must develop to be successful. So let’s start by looking at what a logline is and what it is not. A logline is a simple short summary of your screenplay, not more than one to three short sentences, describing your

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Planning for Success in Screenwriting: Goals (Part 1 of 2)

Lots of Screenwriters say they’ve done everything they know to do and are still not achieving the goals they want, still not getting their scripts read. This two-part article series is meant to help you set your goals and then break them down so you have actions to take on a daily basis. Whether your

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Great Sources of Good Story Ideas

Where do good story ideas for a screenplay come from? It could be anywhere! As a screenwriter, it’s a good idea to always be tuned in to listening for story ideas that inspire you.  These good ideas for screenplays sometimes pop into your head and you run with it. Other times, the idea spout dries

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5 Screenwriter Success Tips For Networking Events

Most screenwriters know that networking and getting to know producers, agents and managers – or have them know you and read your work – is critical to a successful screenwriting career. You’ve heard how you should attend networking events, and you know you need to take the plunge yourself.  So you pay your money to

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The Truth About Getting Your Screenwriting Credit

Along with selling a screenplay, early on, one of your first goals should be to get a “Screenplay By” credit on a produced movie—even if it’s a bad one! You get the bragging rights of saying you are a produced writer.  If the movie stinks, you can always say that the producers and directors changed

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