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Plainville, CT

I’ve worked with Melody on multiple occasions and her insight is invaluable. She’s opened up my thinking and led me down new avenues that has drastically improved my writings. Under her guidance, I have had scripts place highly in contests and I was also hired for a writing assignment. There’s a good reason why she’s consistently rated one of the best screenplay analyst out there.

Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

Script Analyst

Learn How Your Movie Script Stacks Up In Hollywood

Make Your Script Better Than 90% Of The Scripts Submitted To Hollywood Studios and Production Companies

If you want to find out if your script is ready to market to Hollywood and how to present your best work, then one of my script coverage services might just hit the spot. Over the past 20-some years, I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of screenwriters just like you and guided them in writing the best screenplay they can so they can most greatly fulfill on telling the story that originally inspired them.

While some so-called “script doctors ” tell you they want to help you make your script the best it can be, they’re actually also screenwriters — and they want you to rewrite your story — the way they want to tell it!

My specialty is in digging deep to make sure you tell your story to its fullest potential. It’s critical to start with a strong foundation in story concept and structure.

My background is in mythology, literature, psychology, the humanities. I know what makes people tick. I know what makes people feel something. And I know how to help you bring out the best of your story and get it onto the page of a screenplay.

That’s NOT how I roll!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Once you place your order, you will send a PDF of your script in. You'll receive a short questionnaire to tell Melody of any concerns you have.

What Happens During the Call

If your analysis includes a call, Melody will read your script before and make notes on the strengths and weaknesses. On the call, you will speak directly with Melody to discuss what needs to be done and how to solve problems while maintaining your vision.

What Changes After the Call

When you finish the call, you will have actionable steps to make your script as good as it can be. You will also be much clearer on how to express the story you want to tell!

About Melody Jackson

Rated A Top 5 Analyst
3 Times In Three Blind Studies

In three different blind surveys done over a span of 11 years Creative Screenwriting Magazine rated the industry’s best script analysts and the Smart Girls Productions founder and CEO, Melody Jackson, Ph.D., came out with rave reviews:

  • Melody Jackson was named a “Cream of the Crop” Script Consultant and she was placed in the Top 3% Overall out of more than 200 script consultants.
  • Melody Jackson and Smart Girls Productions marketing services were a “Highly Recommend!”
  • Melody was also named one of the “Top 5” Script Consultants in the industry.
  • “If you need to get your foot in the door, I suggest you take advantage of Smart Girls“ marketing expertise.” Creative Screenwriting Magazine

In The Words Of Clients


Screenwriter, Author, Burbank, CA

The #1 Smart Girl, Melody Jackson, Ph.D., guided me in developing and fine-tuning my screenplay “Summer Ball” to a polished script ready to shop. The writing, editing, cutting, and development techniques I learned from Melody are also helping me start the first draft of my next project at a much more advanced level, which will save me a huge amount of rewriting and polishing time. I’m more excited about writing than ever as I understand the foundation of storytelling at a much deeper level. Thanks for the education, Smart Girl!
— Writer, Producer, Director and President of Cabrera Prods. — Co-founder/past President – Alameda Writers Group


Screenwriter, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for spending so much time on my script. Your observations are excellent, and I will be rewriting it with them in mind. You are truly Smart, Girl!”


Screenwriter, FL

I am so glad that there is someone like Melody Jackson with Smart Girls who is capable of helping screenwriters navigate the tough waters of the film industry. Melody provided a valuable critique of my writing and was very candid in telling me what will and what won’t work in Hollywood. Her expertise has enabled me to be a better writer, and her marketing campaign has taken my career path further than I could ever have gone by myself. I plan on working with her on further projects, and would highly recommend her services to other writers.

Select Your Script Analysis Today

Choose How You learn Best Three Options For You Analysis And Feedback



Written Notes, Follow Up Phone call

$ 695
  • Melody Reads Script
  • 6 Pages of In-Depth Notes
  • 1 Hour Follow-up Phone Call
  • Discounted Follow Up Reviews


Phone Call Only, with In-Depth Development

$ 350
  • Melody Reads Script
  • 1 Hour Interactive Phone Call
  • Focus on Development Priorities
  • Discounted Follow Up Reviews


1 Hour Phone Call Plus Bullet Blueprint Notes

$ 425
  • Melody Reads Script
  • 1 Hour Interactive Phone Call
  • Bullet Summary Blueprint Notes Sent
  • Focus on Development Priorities
  • Discounted Follow Up Reviews

No Matter Which One You Choose, Here Are Some Of The Topics You Can Get Guidance On Developing In Your Screenplay

You will get an honest assessment about what needs to be done to prepare your script for marketing to Hollywood.

You Will Know What You Need To Do Make Your Script The Best It Can Be For The Type Of Story It Is

Not everyone’s story is destined to be an Oscar contender, but any story that you want to tell has the seed for a story that is strong enough to touch people otherwise you wouldn’t have the desire to tell it.

I help you grow that seed to blossom. I know that might sound corny, but the emphasis is on helping you bring your script to its fullest potential. That’s what this is about.

To get started, simply choose the script analysis you want on the pricing grid below.

Place your order by clicking on the Add to Cart link, or simply call me at the office at 818/907-6511, and I’ll take your order over the phone.

When you click on the Add To Cart, you’ll be taken to Paypal, where you can either pay with a credit card or by using your Paypal account. If you call me at the office, I’ll answer the phone and take your order, or if you leave me a message, I’ll call you back.

Once you place your order, you will receive an acknowledgement of it within 1 to 2 hours during regular business hours. At that point, your script analysis will be scheduled. My turnaround time ranges from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on my schedule.

What To Do Now

Select Your Analysis

A main consideration is how you like to take feedback in. Do you like written, oral, or some of each.

Place Your Order

Once you decide which analysis you want, simply place your order. You will check out and pay at our sister site Hollywood Business School.

Send In A PDF Of Your Script

Once you have paid for your analysis, you will get an email with instructions, which is essentially to send in a PDF of your script and set up your consultation time! Of course we’ll be in touch, too.

Select Your Script Analysis Now


Written Notes, Follow Up Phone call



Phone Call Only Covering Top Priorities To Fix



1 Hour Phone Call Plus Bullet Blueprint Notes


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