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What Improvements are Hiding In Your Credits?

In the more than 7,500 actors I’ve worked one on one with, I don’t recall ever meeting an actor who is completely satisfied with the credits they have to put on their resume. Every actor wants a better resume because that would mean they have more cool projects to put on it.  Of course, they’re not satisifed with the credits they have because they want they want to WORK!

But then it’s a catch 22 because you’re trying to make your resume better (or get your first one) to help you get that work, but you need more credits to get it! Or to get an agent.   

To make it worse, acting resumes are different from regular day job resumes because in a regular Day Job, you can list the best details about what you did on a job and how well you did it. 

But with acting credits, it’s much more straightforward — You  simply list name the project, the role you played and who the production company was — and the agent or casting director looking at it will recognize your projects or the company you worked for or they won’t. There’s simply not a lot of opportunity to legitimately amp it up!

The fact is, there's only so far you can go to improve your resume if you want to be honest about your credits.

But guess what… Out of those 7500+ actors I’ve worked with, I’ve also seen too many of them sell themselves short. Since actors always feel like they “need more credits,” the ironic thing is, they actually play down what they’ve already done. And even when an actor has all of their credits on there, even 90% of them could make small tweaks that improve their presentation and change a few words here and there to tweak it without adding a single credit.

But chances are, if you’re reading this, you want more than a couple of little changes, you may have a few credits to add a few old ones to take off, or you may be starting brand new.

I can help you in any of these situations! And we can do it fast. For me (Melody Jackson, the owner of Smart Girls Productions), it’s easy to see what to improve and I can do it in an old school jiffy!  THAT MEANS a FAST turnaround, no matter where we’re starting on your resume.

Here are some of the typical problems and opportunities we have for improving your resume:

  • Remove old outdated credits that undermine your newer, better credits.
  • Add credits for things from the past and word them in a certain way to get the upside without the downside
  • Knowing when to use Featured, Guest Star, Co-Star, Lead, Supporting and other role indicators
  • Making the most of any Commercials you’ve done without shooting yourself in the foot by doing the wrong thing
  • Using your Special Skills section to help brand you versus listing every sport or activity you’ve ever tried and can “kind of” do
  • Making sure the information related to the project is correctly listed and has the information that is best for that project
  • Putting the Correct Information at the top of your resume
  • … and lots more…

To present Your Best Resume, you need to make the most of the credits you do have — and leave off credits that undermine your work, such as OLD STUFF, even if it was cool.  Most actors have also done acting jobs that were not really professional or ones they would like to forget — yet their resume looks bare without them. So what do you do with those?

We work it out. We will discuss the pros and cons and I will guide you in making the best decision.

Some of the changes you might need could be small… but the idea with your resume is that not only do you get the proper credits, but you also get more mileage out of it by simple small improvements that add up.

You have 100% control over making it look its best.


Certified Excellence!

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Some Sections We Can Create or Improve

We Help Make Whatever Credits and Background Experience You Have Look Your Best

Your acting resume will either help you, hurt you, or just be bland.  Given the competitive nature of this business, every actor needs to make the most of the one thing they have total control over with minimal cost: the professional look of their resume.

Some of the benefits that you may get from having me create or jazz up your acting resume include the following:

  • Correct use of billing in your credits, including Guest Role, Supporting Role, Guest Star, Co-Star, Featured Role, and so on.
  • Correctly deal with the issue of whether to put “Featured Extra” work on your resume.
  • Adding more credits to your resume that you hadn’t thought of or thought you should not put on there.
  • A clear understanding of when very small roles or extra work should be put on your resume.
  • When it’s time to drop old credits — even if they were good ones!
  • Adding your agent’s logo and placing it properly.
  • Make best use of your Special Skills and Interests section, putting on the correct things that agents want to see and taking off the things that simply junk up your resume.

Your resume will be tidier and easier to read, drawing attention to the most important things that will interest an agent or casting director.

Acting resumes are very different from other industries. They must be in a specific three-column format, and each column should contain very specific things.

Even if you’ve been doing your own acting resume for many years now, there is a 90% chance that I can make your credits look even better.

Other common mistakes actors make on their resumes.

  • Listing the production company and networks incorrectly.
  • Using directors’ names incorrectly
  • Not making the most of your credits by choosing the wrong information regarding network, studio, director, or production company.
  • Being so afraid of exaggerating that you actually play down your credit

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