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Want To Be a Hollywood Actor But Don’t Know Where To Start?

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I Got Lucky. I Learned These Tips My First Year In Hollywood From An Acting Teacher Who Has Now Passed On

Dear Aspiring Actor,

In the next few minutes you could have this ebook right in front of you and begin learning, in no unclear terms, EXACTLY what it takes to get started and become an actor in Hollywood.

I’m Melody Jackson, and I have had my company Smart Girls Productions for more than 20 years and still going strong.  I have worked with thousands of actors one-on-one and thousands more have asked me questions about a hundred different aspects of getting their acting career started and improving their chances of success.  I’ve jam-packed the answers to dozens of those questions in this ebook.

I’m not going to say I’ve put everything I know into this book because that wouldn’t be true (and some of it you don’t need to know at first). But I will say that in this 90+ page book I have put the most important things you need to know to launch your acting career.

I have put in this 90+ pages what it took me a year to learn from the business-of-acting teacher I mentioned above in the headline. I went to class week-after-week for a year of my life and got all kinds of in-depth training on the business side of acting. It took me a year to learn all the stuff that no one else teaches, but that was still too long. I have distilled that year into this 90+ page book.

Of course, I’ve put a ton more information of things I’ve learned since then and the refinements for how things have changed over the years. But some things never change!  And I tell you what those things are in my book.

This ebook not only explains how things work on the street, but it could save you years of learning the hard and very expensive way (such as $300 a month classes — or more!).  This little ol’ $47 ebook could prevent you from making newbie mistakes that could be embarrassing or slow things way down.  In fact, many of the not-so-newbies I’ve worked with have made a bunch of these same mistakes.

Given that you’re here, I am guessing that you would love to become an actor (or maybe you want to help someone you care about fulfill their dream of being an actor). Either way, I want to help you.

In the next few minutes, as you read this page, you’re going to learn a few things that you may or may not know about Hollywood. You will also hear me set the record straight on some things you’ve been told wrongly…. and you may also even get some confirmation on other things you’ve heard.

Most importantly, you are definitely going to find out what your next step should be toward an acting career.

But first, I have a confession….

What I’m about to tell you is realistic. I’m going to tell you the true deal about trying to be an actor in Hollywood.

The truth is… it ain’t easy.

So if you’re looking for how to sign up to be on a TV show so you can immediately start your path toward fame and fortune, you’re going to be shocked. Because it doesn’t work that way.

But at the same time, I don’t want to scare you off from going after your dream, if this is what you really want. The challenge of Hollywood is not for the the feint of heart. But if you’re up for the challenge — it can be a lot of fun, fulfilling, and extremely rewarding.

Here’s the deal….

If you want to become an actor in real Hollywood studio films and network TV series, then there are certain steps that you need to take to get in the game. These basic steps include getting headshots, creating a starter resume, taking classes and things like that.

Each of these things has very specific ways to do them right. And there are lots of ways to go wrong. Doing these things wrong could cost you hundreds of wasted dollars on bad headshots or useless classes and cause you to lose years of time you could have spent trying to move your career forward.

I’ve seen countless actors do this. And I know they do it, because they’ve come to me afterwards upset about how they paid $700 or $800 on headshots that have bad lighting and they can’t use.

Or they’re frustrated that they just can’t seem to get an agent and they don’t know why.

Or an acting teacher humiliated them and now they’ve lost their confidence.  (Most acting teachers are awesome and help you grow which is part of the fun of going to class, but some of them will rip you apart in front of everyone just for their own ego satisfaction. It happened to me, so I know! I’m recovered now :)… but it gives me compassion for what actors go through in pursuit of their dreams.

In working with thousands of actors over the years, I know there’s a lot of bad or missing information out there.  And being someone who is a bit of a smarty pants who got very high grades in school and went on to get my Ph.D., I hate when information is wrong. I like to have information be accurate. Because of that, I have many times corrected people when they tell wrong information.

And sometimes it’s gotten me in trouble…. just for telling the truth about what it takes to get an acting career started in Hollywood.

But…. I still like to tell it like it is and not sugar-coat things to hide the truth. I tell you this because you may not like everything I’m going to tell you about working in Hollywood. But I guarantee you it’s the truth.

Now don’t get me wrong…. I am a very positive person. But I like to look at a situation honestly and then build toward the goal from there instead of pretending it’s not the truth.

When I tell you the truth about how challenging Hollywood is in this ebook, I don’t leave you hanging.  I also tell you how to get around the challenge in the fastest, easiest, best way I know how.

In fact, the whole point of this guidebook is to tell you exactly what to do to get started in an acting career the fastest way possible by doing it right the first time!

If you want to get to it, just click this buttton here… otherwise I can tell you lots more…

This information could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on mistakes and scams and shave off up to 2 years of start-up time on your acting career.

I’ve painstakingly written this information down based on my experience of working with thousands of actors for over 20 years. I’m making this available to you for only $47.

I believe you’ll find this to be worth much more than the tiny $47 you’ll have to invest to get your hands on it. Why? Well, here’s what you’ll discover when you sign-up to get your crash course on getting your acting career started.

Follow along, because I’m sure you’ll find what I’m about to reveal to you… very exciting! You will get:

  • The 5 steps you must complete immediately to launch your film & TV acting career like a pro.
  • A plan for the exact type of training that is critical for getting started in acting, what type of classes you should take, what order you should take the classes in, which classes to postpone, and how to know when you need to stop training.
  • The 5 characteristics of a professional Hollywood headshot.
  • Why you should never lie on your resume even when you have no credits and what you can do instead that will still make you look good.
  • 13 Pros and Cons of Agents and Managers and what their specific roles are and which you should go for first.
  • The dirty little secret that no one tells you about paid Casting Director workshops, whether they are really “legal” or not, and how to use them to redeem yourself if you blow an audition.
  • Why you  should never worry about whether to go for your dream of becoming an actor and how to overcome others’ negative and discouraging comments about being an actor.
  • The Acting Career “Audacity” Test: Do you have the guts to pursue a Hollywood acting career? Find out if you have what it takes to be able to handle rejection and still move forward.
  • Three legitimate online sites that you can look to for auditions no matter where you live.
  • A 7-Point Checklist for “How To Find The Photographer That Is Right For You” – The single most critical thing to do correctly from the start is also the most costly area to make a mistake — and that’s your headshots. This 7-point checklist will help you make sure the photographer you’re considering is a pro and that they are right for you.
  • 90+ pages packed With Valuable Tips On Moving Your Acting Career Forward Quickly Without Looking Like A Newbie – You will get information that is simple to understand, explained clearly from start to finish, so you are not left wondering about anything.
  • The 7 Critical Qualities of A Working Actor — If you don’t have one of these, you will never work consistently.
  • A  step-by-step checklist of exactly what you need to do…starting today… to pursue a legitimate, professional on-camera acting career and to reach the status of becoming a working actor or maybe even a movie star, if you get a bit of luck along the way.

Whether you are brand new and just getting started in acting or you’re an experienced actor who could use a few new ideas on moving your career forward, this book will empower and inspire you.

If you’re new to acting, your eyes will be opened as to how pursuing a career becomes more tangible and real for you.

If you’ve been in Hollywood for a while, much of what you know will be reinforced. And you will also see other things in a whole new light. You will get new ideas that will leave you wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?”

That fact that you are here tells me that you are always looking to learn about the business of acting, so I’m happy to share it with you.

Take action now to learn these simple, down and dirty techniques to help you kick your acting career into gear…by tonight!

With the information that you get from this book, you will potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars and avoid getting taken in by scams that sound really good.

You will find at least 21 shortcuts to doing things the right way, which could save you months or years of time in your career and potential embarrassment.

The main thing that you get from this is that you will find out exactly how to do things. The mystery will be solved.

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If you don’t feel it’s worth at least twice what you paid for it, you can send it back so I can give you a complete, no-questions-asked refund!

Don’t Put Your Dream Off Any Longer.

Learn How To Be An Actor The Right Way Now.

I am offering it at this price right now as an introductory offer. I will soon be raising it as more and more people learn about it and I get feedback on anything else people want to know.

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How would you feel knowing that for a stinking $1.55 per day you passed up an opportunity to be confident that the decisions you make are the right ones and know that you are not being ripped off.

This sensational ebook, How To Become An Actor ebook  is available to you for only $47. The all-new, just released crash course comes complete without one ounce of fluff! Just the meat.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try How To Become An Actor today?

Get you acting career moving on the fast track now!


Melody Jackson

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