Talent Agent Contact: 7 Ways To Keep in Touch With Your Reps

Is your Talent Agent Calling You?
Is your Talent Agent Calling You?

Getting with a legitimate Hollywood talent agent is great.  You take actions to get one, you find one, and sign on. And then you wait. Too often the excitement about getting one dies down pretty quickly when you don’t hear from them, and your dreams of daily or even weekly auditions fade away all too fast.

While there are a number of reasons that actors do or don’t get auditions even when the have an agent, one thing for sure is that you have to stay top-of-mind with your agent so that they will think of you when a role comes along that you would be right for.

One of the ways to stay top-of-mind with your theatrical or commercial agent is to make them a lot of money! Of course, that’s easier said than done.

If you’re like most of the actors I work with, you feel like you’re in a catch-22! You need auditions to book the roles to make them money.  So you need another way to stay top-of-mind, right?

7 ways to make sure your Talent Agent thinks of you!

1. Let them know you’ve just started a new acting class.  

You could ask their opinion of that coach just to get them to engage with you a bit.  Even better, ask them what they think of the coach before you start. 

2. Email them and tell them of a new skill you’ve just acquired.

It’s especially good if that skill fits in with your casting.  For example, let’s say you’re an action type and you let them know that you just took a weapons-handling class.  

3. Check in with them to ask about certain sites you are thinking of signing upon.

You might ask: “Should I be on LA Casting?”  — Or ask an open question, like What do you think of L.A. Casting and should I do it? Or perhaps pose two sites and ask when they prefer you to be on.

4. Find an alternative headshot and ask for their opinion and whether they think it might be useful.

It might be an athletic shot that shows your fitness, for example. It could be a shot that’s very specific.

5. Let them know that you just took a vacation and learned a new skill or that you thought of something else you would be right for.  

For instance, I just went on a vacay to Nashville — and I can’t sing, but while I was there, I rode scooters around town. So if I were an actor, I might tell my agent I’m back from my vacation and let them know (in a playful way) — “and I learned to ride a scooter.  Never know when there’s a mom role that I might have to have fun with the kids.”

6. Send them a congrats card for something they achieved for another client.

The fact is, when an agency you’re with does well, it makes you look good that you’re with them.  Their success is an opportunity to be in touch with them, get on their radar, and also to be gracious. It shows that you’re a team player to some degree.

7. Send them a gift for a birthday or for a minor holiday and thank them for their efforts.

Before you feel compelled to smirk or think “what effort?!” — It’s about thanking them anyway in case they have been making the efforts but you’re still not getting called. And if they’re not making any effort on your part, it might make them feel a bit guilty and get them to start!  So it can’t hurt!

A lot of this comes down to keeping in touch with them about things that are relevant to your career.  You might have to stretch a bit and get creative to come up with news, but that’s part of the game.

Of course, you can use whatever ideas you like and come up with your own. Minimally, these ideas should stoke the fire for coming up with your own ideas for keeping in touch.

Please comment below and let me know which ideas you like. Also feel free to share other things that you’ve done that or that you’re thinking about doing.  Cheers.

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