The Business of Screenplay Marketing

1The most common complaint I hear from screenwriters about “show business” is that the business side is frustrating. Most screenwriters would prefer focusing on their writing versus marketing. And although it’s understandable, the “business” is an important part of show business. Many times I’ve witnessed screenwriters succeeding mainly because of what was accomplished on the business side.

The fact is that pretty much every artist and any business could say that they would rather do what they do rather than market and promote themselves.

I’m sure even Wal-Mart execs would rather have customers just show up and buy stuff than having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing and advertising to get them there.

The reality is that marketing and promotion is a fact of business, and your screenwriting career is no different.

As a screenwriter, you need to come up with a marketing and promotion plan just like any other business.

You first have to develop your script to be the best it can be. Then you have to pitch it to lots of people. Figure out how you will do that.

You might choose to send out query letters to literary agencies and production companies. Or you might attend pitchfests. You may choose to enter contests or produce a short trailer of your movie as some of my clients have done.

The main thing is that you always need to be working both sides – writing more material and then marketing and promoting your projects.

Marketing and promoting your screenplays should be a way of life for you.

Don’t feel badly if you don’t have a marketing plan right now, because most screenwriters don’t. It’s not critical until you have a script that is polished and ready to go.

Once your material is ready, then come up with your plan and stick to it.  Stay committed and do everything you can to play out each and every opportunity that you get for someone to read your script, and eventually it will pay off.

If you want help creating a screenplay marketing plan that is right for you, call the Smart Girls / How To Hollywood office at 818/907-6511 and allow us to help you with your marketing.

Meanwhile, make your script great!

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