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We help actors get agent and managers and screenwriters get their scripts to producers

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You have to connect to the people in Hollywood who can help you move forward. We research that for you.

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Inside the "Green Room," you'll find a questionnaire to tell us all we need to know for your project.

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Our extensive Questionnaire will cover a range of things that will help us determine the best things to say in your email/letter promoting you.

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You don't have to worry about what to say or who to target. We do it for you!

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Once we write your letter and determine our approach to marketing, you'll get a final review, then we send everything to you and you're good to go!
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Like Thousands Of Happy Actors And Screenwriters Have Already Done And Stop Worrying About What Steps to Take and What To Write In Your Letters And Emails To Make Every Connection Count.

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Practice Meeting With Agents or Pitching

Target Talent Managers For Representation

Professional Acting Resume and Updates

Get a New Commercial or Theatrical Agent

Professional Script Typing & Proofreading

Script Evaluation — Is Your Script Ready to Market

Query Letter Mailings & Marketing

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After 20+ Years Many Of Our New Clients Still Come To Us Through Referrals From Our Thousands Of Past Clients

5 Tips for Great Meetings with Agents and Other People Who Can Hire You!

Discover the FIVE Powerful Tips to Help You Showcase Yourself, so Hiring You is an Easy Decision.


Discover 21 Ways To Make Your Script More Commercial

Understand the Simple but Powerful Solutions that help youcreate a script that people simply can’t but down.

Dr. Melody Jackson founded Smart Girls Productions in 1992 and developed the Smart Girls marketing system to support, assist and empower working and aspiring actors and screenwriters to pursue their dream of working in Hollywood.

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