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Want to Sell Your Spec Screenplay? It just got easier!

Most screenwriters start out by writing a “spec” script or screenplay, meaning written without being paid for it or speculating that they will sell it. If you’re one of these screenwriters, you may also wonder what the chances are for you to sell something in Hollywood if you’ve never sold anything before. The exciting thing

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How Screenplay Query Letter Mailings Work When Not In U.S.

Screenwriters all over the world have the big dream of having their screenplays made into a Hollywood movie. Just because you are a screenwriter in Canada, Germany, Austria, Ireland, or Egypt does not mean that you can’t create opportunities for your screenplay to be made into a movie. There are some logistical issues…

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How to Write Captivating Script Dialogue

One of the biggest challenges in writing a great screenplay, even for seasoned writers, is writing strong script dialogue. The truth is that if you write captivating screenplay dialogue, your characters will stand out and put you well on your way to an outstanding script.  Try to recall a movie you watched that you thought

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