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The Best Way To Get A Talent Agent For Your Acting Career

If you’re an actor looking to get auditions and casting calls for film, television, commercials, soaps, hosting and so forth, then you need to get a legitimate, SAG-franchised talent agent. If you know someone who has contacts with a strong talent agent and that person you know can call them and refer you, great!  Have

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Talent Agent Contact: 7 Ways To Keep in Touch With Your Reps

Getting with a legitimate Hollywood talent agent is great.  You take actions to get one, you find one, and sign on. And then you wait. Too often the excitement about getting one dies down pretty quickly when you don’t hear from them, and your dreams of daily or even weekly auditions fade away all too

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7 Things Every Actor Should Know About Talent Agents

One of the first steps I’ve seen actors need to take when wanting to break into film, TV, or commercial acting is to seek a talent agent.  But oftentimes, when actors are new, they jump at the chance to be represented by any agent, frequently going with the first one to show interest. Unfortunately, some

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Think Typecasting is the Death of Your Career? Think Again.

Most actors feel that versatility is their strength and so resist typecasting. While you might be able to play anything from Ace Ventura to Schindler, a talent agent won’t know how to sell you to film directors or producers. Being typecast is a way to get work. Another way to say it is, you find your

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